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Below is the address of the Kiltan LD-06 Regional Transport Office in Lakshadweep. For further details, you can also contact the Kiltan RTO via Phone Number and Email ID provided. If you need to inquire about other registration details, simply input the vehicle number in the search box below. The RTO Database provde you information about Regional Transport Offices in all States and Union Territories across India.

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LD Registration - Regional Transport Office (RTO) LD-06

Number LD06
City Kiltan
State Lakshadweep
Phone NIL
Email -
Address Kiltan, Lakshadweep - 682558


Where is RTO office in Kiltan ?

Kiltan RTO Office address is Kiltan, Lakshadweep - 682558

What Was the RTO code of Kiltan Lakshadweep ?

LD06 Was the RTO code of Kiltan Lakshadweep. 1st Two Latters LD is assocated to State and last 2 digit 06 assocated to city.

What is The pincode of Kiltan RTO office?

Kiltan RTO Office pincode is 682558

How i can Contact Kiltan RTO office?

Kiltan RTO Office phone Number / contact Number is NIL or you can contact via email -
For Location Check Google Map

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